Plastic pontoons are lightweight and mobile floating constructions. They are reliable metal, polyethylene or wooden frames on plastic floats. A pontoon bridge, pier, dock and other constructions designed for rest or work on water can be made using them.

We produce and implement plastic pontoons of various types. The dimensions and configuration of pontoons are determined taking into consideration client’s requirements.

Material used for production of plastic pontoons is ecologically safe for environment and people, therefore pontoons can be used everywhere.

Advantages of plastic pontoons

Floating constructions made of polyethylene are in high demand due to numerous advantages such as:

  • durability and flexibility (which allows constructions of any shape and size)
  • provision of determined elevation above sea level
  • anchoring possibility
  • ease of maintenance
  • ecological compatibility
  • simple and quick installation 

Foam Filling

If needed, we can fill the internal space of a pontoon with specific foam which forces out air and in case of damage will not let water fill in the interior space of pontoon. In this case pontoons are  completely unsinkable.



We use stainless steel fasteners in our pontoons. In terms of strength, such fasteners are eternal, also they always look new since do not react with the environment.


The flooring of pontoons can be made of natural wood or special plastic decking. The latter has a number of advantages since it does not change the visual appearance from weather conditions.