Electro fusion welding

 The electro fusion welding process involves the use of a moulded socket fitting containing an electrical resistive heating coil. The prepared pipe ends are inserted into the sockets and clamped. An electric current is then passed through the coil for a pre-set time. Heating of the surrounding polymer and heat transfer to the pipe wall takes place. Cold zones at the ends of the fitting contain the melt in the central section, allowing a high melt pressure to develop and the formation of a homogeneous joint. We have universal electro fusion machine, suitable for welding pipe/fittings for the transport of gas, water and for welding fire sprinkler system (HDPE, PP, PP-R couplings from 8 to 48 V). The machine is made in compliance with international standards.


Working range 20 ÷ 315 mm
Materials HDPE, PP, PP-R
Power supply 110 V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
230 V Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Max. absorbed power 4000 W
Max. output curent 100 A