About us

TS Marine is a modern innovative company offering technical solutions in production of plastic products. Company name reflects its general activity: TS Marine means Technical Solutions for the Marine industry, however our services can be used in any other areas.

TS Marine has a unique approach to production process. Our main goal is to optimize production costs while keeping high-level quality. The huge advantage of using plastics to any other materials is its wear-resistance to chemicals, weather conditions and corrosion.

Our production does not pollute environment: plastic scrap is being recycled and reused.

During last 4 years TS Marine has been investing into development of production facilities in order to minimise involvement of subcontractors in all production stages. Today we can offer full service package from technical drawing preparation to final installation.


Our main activities include production of:

  • Acid storage tanks, fresh water tanks, fuel tanks
  • Different kinds of protective cases (pump boxes, battery boxes, electrical cabinet boxes, etc.
  • Pipe installations and systems
  • Pontoons and related articles.