From management

TS Marine is an innovative plastic products manufacturing company established in 2013. Products made of plastic have a number of advantages over products made of other materials in aspects of corrosion and acid resistance as well as non-conduction of electricity. TS Marine company has always used 2 principles from the moment of foundation and up to the present day at the heart of its development. 

The principle of new ideas. This can be traced in all the processes within the company – starting with the use of new materials, ending with the development of new methods and technologies for product manufacturing. You can verify this by viewing our products, spectrum of which is constantly updating.

Along with innovations, TS Marine always uses second principle – to make a product of better quality than competitors can do. Our company has developed its own quality control system. Constant development and implementaion of new technologies in our production allows us to keep the highest level of quality. We pay the greatest attention to this principle, therefore gave it a separate description.These two principles allow to provide our clients with a product of the best quality and reasonable price.

Managing Director
Sergei Kurilenko