Extrusion welding

Extrusion welding machines use a heated barrel with a plasticating screw to deliver molten plastic to a specially shaped shoe. The shoe is shaped to make a bead of plastic suitable for the material type and thickness being welded.

A hot air blower is attached to the extrusion welder to preheat the weld area. The welder uses its own weight to create the pressure required for welding and the operator steers the welder manually. Extrusion welders come in a number of sizes with different output rates.

RITMO Stargun R-SB 20R

R – SB 20 is a compact and ergonomic extruder. It’s the smallest of the STARGUN series and it’s perfect for working in narrow places thanks to the easy handling and the reduced overall dimensions.
Output up to    2,2 Kg/h
Power  3150 W
Sheet   1,5-20 mm


Munsch MAK 18B

MAK 18B extrusion welder for plastic repair and fabrication of plastic products.

Output up to    1,8 kg/h
Power  2300 W
Sheet   4-15 mm