FRP Platforms

Safety Features of FRP Grating for Shipping

Corrosion Resistance:
Provides significant resistance to corrosion from saltwater, acidic and harsh solutions.

Your team can install, cut, lift and adjust FRP grating for shipping and logistics uses in the field.

Electronically Transparent:
Able to safely house electronics and does not have an impact on electromagnetic waves or a variety of radio wave frequencies.

Fire Retardant:
Can withstand significant flame spread ratings and a variety of extinguishing requirements.

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:
FRP is able to achieve the same strength as industrial steel at just one-third of the weight.

Impact Resistant:
Structure helps it withstand repeat impacts, minimizing structural damage and reducing risks of failures. This is especially important for machinery, ramps and even some new fiberglass composite containers.

Low Maintenance:
Fiberglass fabrication for shipping uses provides significant protections and resistances without the need to clean, scrape, sandblast or paint for long-term uses.

Slip Resistance:
Molded and pultruded options each provide varying degrees of slip resistance thanks to the structural composition as well as grip-assistance coatings.

Thermally and Electrically Non-Conductive:
FRP surfaces are less likely to transfer heat or electricity and provide non-sparking surfaces. This protects your workers during other accidents and while they work with handheld machinery in a distribution center or warehouse. Advanced DCs running robotics for picking will be pleased to know that this grating works well with wheels and provides an extra layer of protection for your electrified tools.